ISO Registration

CCTF has long been known for its emphasis on quality systems and products. Today, CCTF can be found on the majority of corporate product approval lists across Canada. CCTF is proud of its ISO 9001:2015 registration.

CCTF's focus on quality has long impacted its procurement policies and the suppliers it partners with. CCTF has alliances with all its vendors, in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. CCTF staff travel to its offshore vendors, and take at least one trip a year to Asia and Europe, each trip for two weeks. While they are there, they audit the facilities to ensure quality control.

With the belief that its customers want the best combination of quality and affordability, CCTF represents many of the world's leading manufacturers. CCTF continues to shop the world for new products and suppliers and will continue to add new product lines to its offerings.


CCTF, Delta's QMI - Intertek Certification


CCTF, Edmonton's QMI - Intertek Certification


CCTF, Burlington's QMI - Intertek Certification