About Us

CCTF - A Master Distributor of Industrial Steel Products

Canada's largest master distributor of steel pipe and piping products, CCTF has enjoyed enviable success serving wholesalers for over 55 years. Originally incorporated in Canada as Clyde Tube Forgings in 1952, with its roots in Glasgow Scotland, the company began as a manufacturer of butt weld fittings. After its purchase in 1954 by EMCO Limited and a name change to Canadian Clyde Tube Forgings, CCTF broadened its sales base and changed operations from a manufacturer to a master distributor. In 2003, EMCO was purchased by the Blackfriars group and incorporated. CCTF incorporated the following year and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Master Distribution Corporation (CMDC.)

CCTF Corporation is committed to delivering products of the highest calibre and conducting business with trust and integrity. These two principles will be CCTF's guideposts as the company continues to grow in its role as a vital logistical link between our suppliers and our customers.

CCTF serves our customers from three strategically positioned service centres in Burlington (Ontario,) Vancouver (British Columbia,) and Edmonton (Alberta,). Our large national inventory of over $30 million is stored in 160,000 square feet of warehouse space and 30 acres of pipe yard across the country.

Our service centres operate on a staggered or shift basis, which provide customers with faster deliveries and more business hours in which to access CCTF inventories. Sales people are on call 24 hours a day and this, combined with exceptional fill rates provides the level of service that our customers have come to expect from us. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff from the warehouse to the front office are dedicated to respond promptly to your inquiries and meet the high standards CCTF's customers have come to expect from the best service provider in the industry.